Volunteer Tours & Projects

Addis Ababa, Capital City

If you’re eager to work with children and you’re ready to use your own hands to support local communities, then this tour is an ideal fit for you. Better still, you’ll be working with a group of like-minded people, and you’ll have constant support from the Lion Of Judah Travel staff. It’s one of our team trips, where we run a project on fixed dates so individuals from around the world can come together to form a group. It’s a great way to make a difference while meeting new people.
13 Days 13 Days Ethiopia
A grand tour of Ethiopia’s Afar region that takes you through the hottest place in the world- the Danakil Depression - experience nature like no other with one of the hottest, driest and lowest places on the planet.
Tomb of Kaleb of Aksum, Ethiopia

16-Day Historic Route and Omo Valley

Addis Ababa, Omo Valley

16 Days $2,567 Ethiopia
A grand tour of Ethiopia that takes you to the rich history of the north to the culturally diverse south. Experience history and culture while enjoying the majesty of the birthplace of humanity.
Timkat Ceremony
10 Days 2,000 Ethiopia
Religion and culture is quite interwoven in modern Ethiopia. This can be witnessed by the values and norms of the people’s lives. Christianity was introduced in Ethiopia by the Ethiopian eunuch who meets Philip on the road to Gaza as written in Bible.
9 Days $1,674 Ethiopia
Embark on a 7-day tour through the spectacular landscape of Ethiopia. Visit settlements and cities along the way, journey through the stunning Awash National Park, relax in lush palm grove hot springs, and trek up the stunning active volcano of Erta Ale.
The Mursi Tribe
Explore the wilderness of southern Ethiopia on an 8-day tour of the Omo Valley, renowned for its fascinating tribal groups and huge diversity of wildlife. Drive into the crater lakes region of the Rift Valley, go to colorful tribal markets, and more.
15 Days $1,636 Ethiopia
Discover water falls, gorgeous gorges, colorful markets, birds, monastery, ruined bridges, ancient history, ruined palaces, steels, rock-churches, castle compounds and much more during this 15 days / 14 nights tour.
12 Days $1,687 Ethiopia
The is a trip to the less visited part of the western Omo valley where one will encounter with the tribe of the Surma who have maintained a unique cultural values & are off to the modern way of life.